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Wallpaper Installation & Removal

Wallpaper Installation in Fredericksburg and Northern Va

If you're looking for a professional, award winning wall paper installer that is not only neat but efficient and thorough in all the details then you've come to the right place.  Picture Perfect Paper & Trim LLC has been servicing homes and businesses for almost 20 years.  We  specialize in all types of wallpaper installations including paperback vinyls, screen prints, hand prints, solid vinyls, borders, fabrics, silks, murals, grass cloth, sisal, string paper, Mylar, foils, digital prints, and much more for homes and businesses. 

Because we take what we do very seriously, our process is thorough.  We'll first do a measurement of the area.  And when we say we do a measurement we mean we do an actual measurement.  We don't just eyeball a job like many other contractors.  We'll then give you a proposal on the amount of wall paper and labor needed.  And with our labor we include doing a light sanding on the walls as well as using a translucent primer.  If everything is agreeable we'll then schedule a time to begin cutting and installing.

Not sure it's time for new wallpaper?  Here are just a few signs that indicate that time may be now: 

  1.  Outdated Style
  2.  Seams are opening
  3.  Accent Wall (when you only want wall paper on one wall in a room)

Wall Paper Removal

Can we agree removing wall paper is a very tedious process?  And one that if not done right can lead to other costly repairs.  Fortunately Picture Perfect Paper & Trim LLC can make that task a simple one.  We're equipped with all the equipment and expertise to do the job right so you don't have to worry. 

There are 2 types of wall paper - Standard and 2 Part Vinyl.  Let's start with 2 part vinyl.  When we remove 2 part vinyl wall paper we first peel the vinyl off.  From there we use a water based enzyme to facilitate that process.  In cases where the customer wants the walls painted we'll scrub the walls from top to bottom.  With standard wall paper we perform the same process as we do for 2 part vinyl, only there's no vinyl that needs to be removed. 

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